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What is CatalystK?

CatalystK is a free cloud software which integrates CRM, ERP, Help desk, Business Intelligence, Manufacturing and Automation tools. It provides simplified solution for complex business needs. Catalystk is very easy to use and looks like excel or spread sheets. Non Degree users are also able to use Catalystk which shows its easy user interface. Catalystk reduces operation and speeds up your business.

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What is CatalystK?

Features of CatalystK

Catalystk reduces huge man efforts. Here are some of its features: Quotations, Proforma Invoice, Sales Order, DC, Invoice, Purchase Order, Goods Received Note, Purchase Invoice, Leads management, Identifying missing repeated orders, general ledger, Debit, Credit, Petrol Allowance, Petty Cash, 400+ reports, business intelligence dashbaord and many more

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Features of CatalystK

About CatalystK

CatalystK is a cloud software which runs on both cloud and dedicated server. Its made with a with a theme to reduce Operation time and Increase Business Time. It is designed using advanced and latest technology for easy user Interface and high speed response time. Its modern outlook makes it easy for any one to use. It speeds up the business operation follow by automating the business process. CatalystK is a subsidiary product of Ignite Mindz. Its a company based on India(Chennai). CatalystK Phase I has Eight modules CRM for business, Procurements, Sales and Distributions, Products, Finances, Reports, Profiles, Loans, Organizations, Operatios.

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About CatalystK

Why CatalystK?

CatalystK provides Simplified Solutions for Complex Business Needs. It Automates Business process, which means we get more Business hours. No need to learn or Train employees in ERP or CRM. Its very easy to use. CatalystK can be used by any degree holders. Works on both Enterprises Cloud Server.

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Why CatalystK?

Our Clients

We have happy customers in all verticals (micro, small, medium and Enterprise). Some of our customer list is shown in the image.

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Our Clients

Service & Features

Catalystk offers Free Billing Software, Free CRM Software, Free ERP Software, Free Manufacturing ERP Software, Free Inventory Management Software, Free Service Software Online to improve your business. Register Here

All modules are integrate together and works comfortably with each other. Its developed based on cloud computing with cutting edge technologies. Excel like easy User Interface with faster performance. We provide 99.9% data backup( High Availability Server and Disaster Recovery Server are in place). Highly secured with all connections through SSL(https).


This module will enable company to make more sales conversion, maintain existing customers and create invoices to them


  • Leads Management
  • Automatic mail capture for Justdail, Sulekha, India Mart, Trade India
  • Work Flow
  • Groups
  • Promotions
  • Excel upload
  • Mail setup
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk SMS
  • Automatic Assign Management
  • Clients
  • Invoice


This module will enable company to Purchase as per the needs and demands of market


  • Purchase Request
  • Vendor Identification
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Products management
  • Vendor management
  • Invoice Verification
  • Goods Return


Allows company to sell any product or service with full workflow.


  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Goods Return
  • Workflow
  • Follow UP
  • Return Details
  • Product Sales Details

Inventory Management

Entire Stock details are maintained in this module. This module is a combination of Procurements and Sales

All Features of:

  • Procurements
  • Sales and Distribution


Advanced reporting system with dynamic graphs.


  • Enquiry Reports
  • Forecasting Reports
  • Finance Reports
  • Vendor Reports
  • Client Reports
  • Chit Reports
  • Slaes Reports
  • Inventory Reports


This module will enable company to Finance


  • General Ledger
  • Voucher
  • Pending Payment
  • To be Paid
  • Cost Center
  • Taxes


This module will enable company to Organisation


  • Branch management
  • Teams management
  • Employee management
  • Designations
  • Company Structures

Assets Management

Entire company assets are maintained and managed. Its a combination of Procurements and Sales

All Features of:

  • Procurements
  • Sales and Distributions

Service, Help Desk Or SUPPORTS

This module will enable company to Service


  • Ticket Management
  • Workflow
  • Priority
  • User assignment
  • Tracking
  • Job Sheet
  • Follow UP


This module will enable company to Loan Process. 


  • Chit Details
  • Counter
  • Custom Reports of employee work
  • Resume Management
  • Loans Details


This module will enable company to Profiles


  • Users Details
  • Access Controls
  • Login Details
  • Details
  • Bulk Email
  • Payment Mode


This module will enable company to Manufacture and maintain goods


  • Bill of Material(BOM)
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Manufacturing Status
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Sales

Catalystk improves business growth by integrating GST Ready Billing, CRM, ERP, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Help Desk Software together as single software.

Catalystk software service is used by various companies in all major cities of India ( Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Coimbatore etc).

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