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High Selling Product can be identified and also Profit Margin can be viewed in Catalystk CRM

This is an option to know which product has been sold maximum in a company and also to know the profit gained for that particular product. It allows us to generate a company's total profit margin and develop sales growth accordingly.

Benefits of a high selling product :

1. A company can view the total sale of a particular product and also know the profit margin for the same.
2. It also enables the company to buy that particular product as on priority.
3. The product can also be purchased in advance before the cost of that particular product increases.
4. This helps to improve the sales growth of the company.  

Steps to identify:

1. Click on the "Report" tab and then click "High Selling Report".
2. View the "High selling product" of all products and "Download" the same.
3. View the High selling product of a single product by selecting the drop down option.
4. Click the "Profit Margin Report" and view the profit margin of all the products and "Download" the same.
5. View the profit margin of a single product by selecting the drop down option.