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Task management software helps to manage individual or team tasks.


Catalystk software provides task management software using which you can create tasks, assign, manage tasks to other employees, mark completed and delete tasks.


Custom tasks can be created using task management software.


Why create and maintain Tasks?


1. To see a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks, which will help you to feel organized and stay mentally focused. 


2. A task list is prepared for self, and for a team, to meet organizational requirements. 


3. The information and documentation required are recorded on the task list and flagged for further action.


4. It moves the work closer to achieve long term goals. It allows you to identify the most important tasks, which gives more of your attention thereby ensures the          deadlines are met and stress is minimized





1. click the 'Home' tab --- click the 'Tasks' tab.

2. New tasks can be created by clicking the 'New Tasks' button.

3. In the 'New Task' tab, Create 'New Task', enter the 'Description', select the 'Workflow', select the 'Priorityand select the 'follow-up time'        and click 'Save'.

4. The created task can be assigned to other employees by selecting 'Assignee' option.

5. Specify 'follow up time' and click 'save'in order to get alerts about tasks in your mobile app. 



NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.