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Missed follow up for Leads, Deals, Payment, Quotation, Sales Visits.

Catalystk has an artificial intelligence layer which identifies the business potential you have missed. Its an all in one software with all options which can be enabled or disabled, so you can customize the software according to your needs. Its a combination of free CRM software, quotation software, ERP software, free billing software, Service software, Manufacturing software, AMC or Rental software and 500+ reports. 

Catalystk software provides missed follow up feature to follow all customers in leads, quotations, deals, tasks, payments, sales visits, etc.

Follow up is the primary tool to improve sales and collection in any company. Some times, people tend to forget the follow-up or might miss the follow up because of leave or meeting or other activities. Missed follow up is an option using which you can follow all your missed follow up. so you can follow all your customers.



Improves sales by 25%,

Improves collection by 50%

Makes life easy for sales and collection executives



 1. Click the “Home” tab and "Missed_Follow_Ups" tab.

 2. Click on the Corresponding column like Deals, Leads, Tasks, Quotations to know corresponding missed follow-ups.

 3. Call Customer ---> Speak ---> Update corresponding record with conversation ---> next Follow up time and "save".



NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.