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Catalystk software allows customers to specify pdf column width settings.

In all sales and purchase tabs, we can be able to change the print view settings by way of adjusting the column size. You can change the column width of Quantity, MOQ, HSN Code, Part No., UOM, MRP, Disc%, Disc Amt, Price and Total by increasing their width size in settings.

Print column settings benefits:

1. After creating a quotation or invoice, sometimes if the description of the product is too lengthy, then by adjusting the column size you can be able to fit the content in the print view.

2. This enables to fit the content in the A4 sheet and gives a legible view of a quotation, invoice, purchase order, etc.

3. This feature allows fitting all the required columns like HSN code, UOM, Quantity, Part no. etc in an invoice, proforma invoice, purchase order etc.


 Steps to print column settings:

1. Click the "Settings" icon near the "bell" icon on the right side top corner.

2. Then in the settings tab, click the "Print settings" option and change the print settings. 

3. Click 'save" to view the changes

4. The default value of the print size is always displayed in the settings header.


NOTE :  For any clarifications Kindly contact support team.