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What is ERP software?

                           ERP is nothing but Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP helps an organization's to monitor and manage their business through the software. it helps you to maintain inventory management, purchase, wastage, Sales, Finance, Reports etc. 


What is ERP software improvements to business?

Following are the improvements by using ERP software,

  • Business process automation
  • process improvement
  • Less operation time
  • Easy report to higher management 

What is ERP software benefits?

Following are the benefits of using ERP software,

  • Saves time
  • reduces man-hours
  • business growth
  • sales and operations interlinking


Is there any free ERP software available?

There is a lot of free ERP software available but all software make important features payable.

For the first time in history, Catalystk ERP software provides all the features for free.