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Deal management software helps customer to get more deals.


Catalystk CRM deal management software helps the customers to win more deals and develop a good relationship with the customer which further improves the overall sales processes.


Deals are the futuristic sales details provided by the sales team. Deal management software helps you with sales projections, deals follow up and to find the root cause for losing a deal.


  • Helps to improve sales.
  • Planning for higher management
  • Gives confidence to the sales team.
  • Helps in negotiation with the customer and identify the issue to win the deal.
  • Track all your deals pending in pipeline won and lost.
  • Increases the awareness of the product and thereby increases sale.
  • Helps sales team to close more deals.

  1. Click the “Home” tab, then Click “Deals” tab and then Click Pending deals to list out your pending deals list.
  2. After pending list click “Won” and enter all the deal you have won.
  3. After Won list of deals, Click “Lost” deals and enter all the lost deals.
  4. Click the “All” tab to view all your deals list.
  5. Click “Status” to map a new status and Click “Priority” tab to map the new priority options in the deals tab, won tab and lost tab.

Filter Options:

Filter Options are used to filter deals according to your needs. Below mentioned are the filter options of deals,

  1. Enter 'Start Date' to see all deals from that specific date
  2. Enter 'End Date' to see all deals on or before that date
  3. Enter 'Company Name' to see all the deals of that specific company
  4. Enter 'Client Mobile' to see all the deals entered for that specific mobile number
  5. Enter 'Client Name' to see all the deals entered for that specific name
  6. Enter 'Client Id' to see all the deals for that specific client.
  7. Enter 'Deal No' to filter that specific deals
  8. Select 'Status or Workflow' to the filter deals with that status or Workflow
  9. Select 'Username' to see all the deals of that specific user.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.