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Why should we follow up a lead?

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Why we follow up a lead?


Not every lead closes on the first sales call.  Many leads close after a follow-up.  Many salespeople consider the follow up as the most difficult thing in the sales process.  
We in CatalystK understand that everyday follow up is important and hence the TODAY FOLLOW UP 
Why follow up a quote or proposal?  
1. Build Trust: A lot of Sales People overlook this but research shows that people buy from people they like and trust 
2. Improve Relationship: A lead might or might not be closed but having a good relationship with a company paves for future business opportunities. 
3. Real Objections: Most salespeople give up on a sale after the first objection. Usually, clients give a different reason but not the real objection.  Example: Your costs are too expensive. The real objection could be they don't really see value in your product / Service.  By following up you get to uncover the real objections and close that sale. 
On how to do Follow up please click here



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