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Catalystk CRM Software allows entering n number of products.


In Catalystk CRM, you can be able to enter n of products, in 3 separate tabs, like inventory product tab, service product tab and raw material tab based on your company flow. Inventory products refer to goods and materials that a business holds for sale to customers in the near future. A service product is a concept of selling the services and outcomes a product can provide rather than the product itself. The raw material is the basic material from which a product is made.


 Benefits of product creation:

       1. In CRM, the uniqueness of product, service and raw material creation in 3 different tabs, avoids confusion and clear communication so that the user can select the required one from the specified tab.
       2. It helps the clients to understand what products are there in CRM, where it is and when stock is going in and out so that it can help to lower costs and speed up fulfillment.
       3. This helps the clients to access the current assets thereby balance the accounts and provide the financial reports.

Steps to create new product:

      1. Click the "Product" tab, then Click "New Product" which is below "Inventory" tab and "Details" tab. Now add the New Product details and click "Save"
      2. Click the "Service" tab, then click "New product" which is below the "Details" tab. Now add a new service product and click "Save".
      3. Click the "Raw" tab, then click "New raw product" which is below "Details" tab. Now add a new raw material product and click "Save".
NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.