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Free AMC management software is a fully free AMC maintenance software with excel download.

Catalystk provides fully free AMC management and maintenance software to improve the business of SMB. It can automatically create AMC contracts, follow up AMC, give reminders and much more.

AMC stands for the Annual Maintainance Contract or Annual Maintainance Cost. This is an annual amount collected from the customer for maintenance purposes, for a particular product or service purchased by them. This contract period can be for a few months or six months or a few years according to the customer purchased contract.

In Catalystk CRM, you can maintain all your AMC contracts. It will provide you with automatic notification a month before the AMC period. Whenever an invoice is created in Catalystk, automatically the AMC period is captured and the contract is created with follow up details. Catalystk is an all in one software which can be enabled or disabled according to your needs. It has free CRM software, Quotation making software, ERP software, free billing software, Service software, AMC or Rental Software, Manufacturing software and 500+ reports.

AMC contract can be assigned to an individual to follow up or for a team of members according to your needs. All conversations with the customer can be recorded and you will get mobile notification about follow up details.

Catalystk also allows you to create AMC contracts separately so you can upload your old AMC details.

Catalystk is fully free with all options. Click the link to get a free registration


Benefits of Catalystk free AMC management software or free AMC maintenance software.

  1. Once you generate an invoice, your AMC customers will be created automatically thereby saves your time
  2. It gives you a clear picture of your customers which makes followup easy.
  3. It gives a prior notification which helps to select the customers to be followed first.
  4. It helps to generate a report of all the AMC customers in the excel.
  5. All options are fully free.

AMC generation steps for free AMC management software or free AMC maintenance software.

1. Click the side menu option of "Home" and then click the "AMC" menu.

2. In the "New AMC" tab options and fill all the details

3. Click the "Save" option to create a new AMC for a customer.

Automatic AMC:

1. Add AMC month to products

2. Create an invoice for that product. To create invoice kindly refer invoice creation

3. AMC will be automatically created for the corresponding product.


NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.