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Catalystk CRM Software allows entering n number of hsn and sac code.

HSN stands for a Harmonised system of nomenclature. Which is an international classification system of commodities, that has been developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) SAC stands for Service Accounting Code. The nomenclature adopted by the GST Council for identifying services delivered under GST. In Catalystk CRM we can enter n number of HSN and SAC code for all products based on your company flow.


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 Benefits of entering HSN and SAC Code:

       1. In CRM there is a separate set up module to enter all the HSN and SAC names and select the preferred one when necessary.
       2. It can also be retrieved in every product tab and saved thereby saves your time when the invoice is generated.

      1. Click the "Settings" tab and then click the "HSN and SAC Code" tab.
      2. Now Click "Add New Code" and click "Save".
      3. The saved code can be retrieved by just entering the first 2 no.s in the "Product" tab for a particular product and click the desired one and click "Save".
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