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Catalystk software allows customization according to your business flow.


 Customization will permit users to modify or change application according to your own needs. Catalystk CRM software allows users to change the existing

 application word like “Proposal” to “Quotation”, “Leads” to “Enquiry” etc. There are n number of word customization available in Catalystk.



1. Customization helps user to change word in tab names, pdf view according to your own business flow.

2. Catalystk, therefore becomes user-friendly so your employees can use it easily.


Step Ups:

1. Click “Organization” tab, then click “Customization” tab and then click “Branch”.

2. Change your preferable word in the column and click save.

3. Logout and Login to see the changes.



 NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact support team.