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What is CRM software?

                           CRM is nothing but Customer Relationship Management, CRM is a software for Storing and tracing the data related to the customer and CRM will support you to build a good relationship with your clients like Bulk Email and Bulk SMS etc. 

It is primarily used to maintain a good relationship with customers which in turn improves your sales. 


What is CRM software improvements to business?

Following are the improvements created because of using CRM software

  • Customer handling
  • Customer tracking
  • Sales growth
  • Overall business growth


What is CRM software benefits?

Following are the benefits of using a CRM software

  • Data maintenance
  • process improvement
  • sales improvement
  • service improvement
  • operation improvement

Is there any free CRM software?

A lot of free CRM software is available but all make restrictions to important features and reports.

Catalystk provides all features for free. No restrictions.