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IndiaMart Auto Capture

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Catalystk software automatically captures IndiaMart leads and can be viewed in “Lead” Tab.


IndiaMart leads are the New Sale Leads provided by IndiaMart through mail for their paid clients. This New Sale Leads can be captured automatically in Catalystk(CRM), which will reflects in both web and mobile app. 



New sale leads helps your business to grow sales by improving followup.


Setup Procedure:

1. Get "CRM Key"from IndiaMart

    To get the leads in Catalystk, you have to sign in to the India mart’s paid client id and Generate the CRM key. This key will be sent to your IndiaMart registered email id and mobile number.


2. In Catalystk, Click “Organisation” tab, Enter IndiaMart CRM key in "India Mart CRM key " and IndiaMart Registered Mobile number in "IndiaMart Registered Mobile No". And click save. 


3. Click “Lead” tab --> then click“Promotion” tab --> then click ”New Promotion” --> Enter value as  "India Mart" and Click save.


4. Click “Assign” tab in “Leads” tab then click “Auto assign” and select the “user id” to whose id the leads should be captured.


5.The Leads can be viewed in Lead details.


NOTE:  For any clarifications kindly contact support team.