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Supplier identification in procurement in Catalystk CRM Software.

Catalystk CRM allows supplier identification in procurement. A supplier is a person who supplies products from one organisation to another. The products supplied should always be in a considerable rate, with good quality of products, reliability in delivery and so on. It is quite a long process of selecting the potential supplier for an organization. This process is made much more easier in catalystk, so that a supplier can be identified easily. A separate module named supplier identification is provide in CRM to identify the supplier.


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Supplier identification in procurement benefits:

1. By selecting one product, you can be able to enter n number of suppliers details with price quoted by them and quantity that will be provided by them,
    so that comparison is made easier to select the potential supplier.
2. Selecting a potential supplier leads an organization to buy good quality and quantity of products in a considerable price.
3. This improves the sales, sales growth and there by sales projections.

Steps to follow supplier identification in procurement:

 1. Click the "Purchase" or 'Procurement" tab and then click the "Supplier Identification" tab.

2. In the "Supplier Identification" tab, select the "Product Name" or "Product Code"  of a product that you are going to purchase.

3. Now click "New Supplier" to enter the supplier details. and click "Save"      

4. you can enter n number of supplier details in the same way to select your potential supplier.

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