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Catalystk CRM allows tracking the clients through the Status/Workflow

Status is a client's way of thinking, that can be specified in a short form so that it can be mentioned in CRM to follow the clients and can be maintained as a record.  Catalystk allows us to create and follow status to know a customer's way of thinking, which shows a particular status or workflow that describes the aspect of certain sales situations.  

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Benefits of tracking clients through status:

  • A short description and generally gives information without going into much detail.
  • It helps to understand the customer's buying interest thereby follow up made easy and convert them for sales.
  • It describes the current situation of a particular client, like how a customer thinks and behaves, which leads to a key of any business endeavors.
  • The reports can also be generated through excel for preferred status wise to know and identify your customer better.


Steps to create and select a status for clients:

  • Click the “Lead” tab and then click the “Status” tab and select the “New Status” enter your preferred new status and click “Save”.
  • The Status options view as the drop-down text for you to select the desired status in all the preferred fields of the "leads" tab, "Sales" tab, "Purchase" tab, "Finance" tab, "AMC" tab, etc.


NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.