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Catalystk CRM permits to set sales target for sales team.

Set sales target for sales team in catalystk CRM. A company's profit is mostly based on the sales team. The sales team should plan accordingly to increase the sales growth of the company by achieving its goal or target successfully. The setting of sales targets for a salesperson or a sales team is an effective way to make the team concentrate more on the profit of the company. In catalystk, sales target can be set for the sales team like daily, weekly, monthly wise and also view their achievements individually


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Benefits to set sales target for sales team:

1. The sales target enables the sales team to concentrate more on the potential leads to convert them for sales and also to know the customer's needs and
satisfy them which improves sales growth.
2. The sales target is set daily, weekly and monthly which helps to monitor the sales team very keenly and also view their achievements individually,
thereby increasing the sales projection. 
3. This feature motivates a salesperson to show his or her potential towards the work by performing various activities of the sales plan to achieve the goal or target.

 Steps to set sales target for sales team:

1. Click the "Home-Dashboard" tab and then click the "Deals"  tab.

2. In the "Deals" tab, set the "sale value" for a deal, and click "Save".

3. Click the "Target" tab, and set a target like daily, weekly, and monthly for your sales team and click "Save

4. Click the "Achievements" tab, select the user,  and select the "From date" and "To date" to view their achievements individually and for all users also.



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