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Catalystk CRM allows resetting the counters for all documents.

Catalystk CRM allows the customer to reset the counters for all documents in sales and purchase tabs like invoices, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, etc. This can also be done for client and supplier counters so that it is being generated by a continuity process. The sales and purchase counters can be set by 3 different ways like default number setting, serial number setting, and custom setting. The default setting is a number format that software itself generates, the serial number setting allows to generate in serial number order and custom settings, allow the customers to set the number format according to their company's flow.


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Benefits of resetting counters:

1. By resetting the counter numbers, all documents like invoices counters, quotation counters, etc can be changed by the customer according to their company's flow so that they can be easily identified. 
2. In case if any typo error occurs and the documents are deleted then the counters can be reset and the deleted document can be generated in the deleted number itself.
3. This feature never allows generating a document of the same number count in order to avoid duplicate entries of documents. It shows error like already exist and never allows us to save the document.

 Steps to reset the counters:

1. Click the "Home-Dashboard" tab and then click the "Setup"  tab.

2. In the "set up" tab, click the "Branches" tab, and select the required counter field to reset the counter number and click "Save".

3. Log out and log in to view the changes.


 NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.