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Catalystk CRM allows viewing the complete report of products purchased

The purchase report describes the record of all the data that have been made and products that have been purchased during a particular time frame from a supplier or vendor. In Catalystk CRM,  all of your company's purchase reports can be viewed and downloaded as excel. The purchase reports can be viewed by way of a Product Purchase, Purchase Enquiry Reports and Purchase Order Reports.

1. The Product Purchase report can be viewed by:

a. Time periods, where time duration is selected for all products and also for a particular product.

b. Daily Reports, where the reports are viewed for a desired period of time by selecting from date and to date for all products or for a particular product.

2. The Purchase Enquiry reports can be viewed by way of all purchase enquiry reports,  status wise, and campaign wise. The reports can be viewed by time period wise, and also daily report by way of selecting from date and to date.

3. The Purchase Order reports can be viewed by purchase order reports, status wise, campaign wise, promotion wise, and supplier report. The purchase order reports and supplier reports are viewed by time period wise, and daily report by way of selecting from date and to date.


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 Benefits of purchase report:

       1. In CRM, Purchase report gives you a clear picture of the entire details of the products purchased for your business.
       2. In all the 3 types of the report mentioned above, there are many sub-modules which gives you a precise report of that particular field.
       3. All the reports can be viewed as excel form and also downloaded thereby saves your valuable time.
       4. The purchase report shows whether the product purchased has been increased or decreased during the financial year, thereby trends the purchase manager to determine the best course of action.

Steps of generating purchase report:

      1. Click the "Reports" tab, then click the "Purchase Reports" tab.
      2. Now Click the following tabs one by one to view all the required reports of purchase "Product Purchase", "Purchase Enquiry Report", and "Purchase Order".
NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.