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Print invoice on letterhead in Catalystk CRM Software.

It is must that all companies have their own letterhead for their business. Invoice on letterhead is printed without company details, as a letterhead contains the company's name, address, contact details, and logo as well. The Invoice on letterhead option will allow you to generate Invoice without logo details so it fits in your letterhead. This enables you to submit hard copies to your customers. Catalystk CRM allows generating a professional invoice and print invoice on letterhead with the company's details.


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Invoice on letterhead benefits:

1. An invoice serves an important bill of record for sale so if it is printed on letterhead, it serves as a solid portrayal of the company.
2. Letterhead printed invoice also gives a formal and professional presentation.
3. The start and the end position of the letterhead size or position can be adjusted, which makes a print fits in the page correctly.

Steps to print invoice on Letterhead:

1. Click the "Sales" tab and then click the "Invoices"  tab. After generating an Invoice, click "Save".

2. Click the "Letterhead" option, to print your invoice on letterhead.

3. To change the size or position of the letterhead print according to a company's letter pad:

a. Click the side menu option, then click the "Setup" tab and then click the "Branches" tab.

b. In the branches tab, select "Letterhead start position", to change the position at the top. and click "Save"

c. Select "Letter bottom end position" to change the bottom position and Click "Save"

d. Log out and log in to view the changes.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.