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Create multiple customer groups in Catalystk CRM.

In catalystk CRM, you can be able to create multiple customer groups according to a company's flow. Two or more people categorized under one session is known to form a group. A business-oriented company always has a collection of customers who fall under one category. This category can be named VIP customers, high-value customers, five-star customers, etc. Some of the customers are grouped on their work basis also. So multiple groups can be created, categorized and maintained accordingly. The groups can also be mapped in all sales tab of a sales visit, quotation, proforma invoice, sales order, delivery note, and invoice. In the purchase tab, the groups can be mapped in the purchase order, good received notes, and purchase invoice. so while creating an invoice, purchase order, etc you can map the concerned group name also for your reference and save accordingly. product groups can also be created in CRM.

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Benefits of creating multiple customer groups:

1. The group creation allows categorizing your customers so that they can be spotted by the quotations, proforma invoices, invoices, etc. that have been generated for them.
2. The customer group is used to sort out your customer group-wise and multiple groups can be mapped for one customer if they come under 2 to 3 categories. 
3. The required customer group can be searched in the search option of the group name, which is in the lead module, thereby saves your time. The reports can also be viewed by selecting the group name also.

 Steps to create multiple groups:

1. Click the "Settings" tab and then click the "Groups"  tab.

2. In the "Groups" tab, click the "New Group" add a new group name for your customer, and click "Save".

3. Click the "Groups" tab in all the fields of sales and purchase module and select the group name and click "Save

4. Click the "Reports" tab,  click "Sales Report" and to get the report, select the "Daily Report or Time Period" in all the report field and specify the "From Date" and "To Date" accordingly and click "Create Report" and view the reports as excel



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