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Catalystk software allows for changing the tradable currency type.

The currency is money which is mentioned in a medium of exchange. When trading is done with foreign countries, the currency type needs to be changed to mention the conversion rate of the country's money. Catalystk allows for changing the tradable currency type in the sales and purchase tab. The currency type can be changed in the quotation, proforma invoice, sales order, sales invoice, purchase order, and purchase invoice.

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Benefits of changing currency type:

1. It is mandatory to mention the currency type to know the exchange rate of money of that particular country.

2. In CRM, it is viewed in the drop-down box option, to just select the preferred currency type and to generate the quotations, invoices, etc within seconds which saves your time.

3. This feature helps to know the money of other countries which makes the transaction easier.

 Steps to change the currency type:

1. Click the "Settings" tab near the "bell" icon on the right side top corner.

2. Then in the settings tab, click the "Currency type" tab and create the currency type according to the preferred country. and  click "save" to view the changes.

3.  Click the preferred document, like sales invoice, quotation, etc after generating the invoice, select the "currency type" like INR, EURO, USD, etc which is near the total field and also enter the conversion rate in the rate field and then click "Save" to view the changes. 


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