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Batch number and expiry date for pharma products in Catalystk CRM.

Catalystk CRM allows specifying the batch number and expiry date for pharma products. The batch number indicates when and where that particular pharma product has been manufactured. The expiry date is the end date for a particular product which indicates that a product should be consumed on or before the mentioned expiry date. The batch number and the expiry date will be printed on the label of every pharma product so that it should be easily visible and sorted by the consumer to follow. In catalystk, you can be able to specify the batch number and expiry date while generating a purchase invoice for a particular product. This will be viewed in the product master module automatically. This feature allows all pharmaceutical companies to work with catalystk CRM.


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Batch number and expiry date for pharma products benefits:

1. The batch number and expiry date will be viewed automatically in the product tab in inventory product after generating a purchase invoice
which enables us to view then and there about a product's batch number and expiry date.
2. When you select a pharma product for generating an invoice, the batch no. and expiry date also gets retrieved, thereby the invoice is generated easily within seconds.
3. When a product got expired, then catalystk never allows generating the invoice for that particular product, which serves as an alert as to not sell the product.

Steps to feed the batch number and expiry date:

1. Click the "Setup" tab, then click the "Branches" tab, and select  "Batch No and Expiry" and Select "True".  Log out and Log in to view the changes.

2. Click the "Purchase" or 'Procurement" tab and then click the "New Purchase Invoice" tab.

3. In the "New Purchase Invoice" tab, enter all the supplier details and the item list details.

4. While entering item list details mention the batch no and expiry date of the product and click "Save"      

5. Click the "Product" tab, then click the "inventory"  tab, and you can view in that particular product the batch no. and expiry date automatically.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.