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Catalystk CRM uploads a product's image in the products tab instantly.

The Product's image can be uploaded in the products tab of inventory, service and raw material in catalystk CRM. In this competitive business platform, always business-oriented companies should do something innovative in order to attract the customers and also make them understand about the product they purchase. The image of the product creates an impression of what product is being purchased by a customer. In CRM, the images can be uploaded in jpeg and png image format in a specified size.


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Benefits to add an image of products:

1. The product image creates satisfaction for the customers that they have purchased products of their choice only. 
2. An image of a product serves as the entire description of the product that attracts the customers to buy the product which improves sales growth.
3. This creates the visual communication that promotes product marketing in the best way. 

 Steps to add an image of products in the products tab:

1. Click the "Home-Dashboard" tab and then click the "Products"  tab.

2. In the "Products" tab, click the "Inventory" tab, and expand an existing product column.

3. Then click "choose file" and select the image and click "Upload", and Click "Save".

4. Follow the same steps to upload image in service and raw material tabs also. Images should be in JPEG and PNG image format with 100x100 image size



NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.