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Leads tab documentation for Catalystk CRM Software

Late Paid Client

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Catalystk CRM software, helps a company to view the late paid clients and to make decisions to give credit or not.


Late paid clients are clients who have not paid their payment by the payment deadline. Catalystk CRM software, we can view the late paid clients by the details of client id, client name, mobile no, invoice no, due date, overdue days, pending amount and email address.


Benefits to Identify Late paid Clients:

This helps to give credit to valuable customers and reject the defaulters.


Steps to Identify:

 1. Click the “Leads” tab then click “Late paid clients” tab. View the Late paid clients list.

 2. you can also view a particular client's due by searching in the options of "Client name", "Clients mobile" and "Client id".



 NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team