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View user usage in Catalystk software.

Catalystk serves as a collaborative tool for the entire team that helps to view user usage to know the active status of a user with date and timing details.


Benefits of viewing user usage in Catalystk.

1. This feature helps to know what process is being done by a user in sales, purchase, service,  etc.

2. This tool helps the management to know the status of the user when they even work from home, with color code intimation whether they are idle or active within the last 15 minutes of the interval with 3 different colors of green, orange, and red.

3. A company can know how efficiently the user is working and monitor their job process which in turn makes them work more efficiently.


Steps to view user usage:

1. Click the "Log out" icon near the "Setting" icon on the right side top corner

2. In the "Log out" tab options, click the "Subscription" tab and then click the "Login_details" tab.

3. In the "Login_details" tab, you can be able to see the user login details with date and timings, to know their active/idle status.

4. The color code intimation shows "Green" if the user is "Active", "Orange" if the user is "Idle" and "Redif the user has "Not logged" in today.



NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.