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"Profile" tab has been renamed as the "Settings" tab.

 Profile / Settings tab includes all the setup tabs of print settings, change password, terms and conditions, payment mode, currency type, payment terms, HSN/SAC code, promotions, campaign, customization, bank, email, SMS, additional charges and taxes.


Functions of Settings tab:

  • The settings tab allows to change the print settings according to the company's flow so that the required column can be enabled or disabled.
  • Change Password tab allows changing the login password.
  • Terms and conditions tab allows to create new terms and conditions for Quotation, proforma invoice, sales order, purchase enquiry and purchase request.
  • Payment mode tab allows creating a new mode of payment given to your clients and suppliers like cash, card, NEFT, IMPS, cheque, etc.
  • Currency type tab allows creating new currency mode like INR, USD, etc.
  • Payment terms tab allows creating different types of payment terms that the client is going to pay like 30days credit, 50%advance, etc.
  • HSN/SAC code tab allows mapping all your product's HSN and SAC code.
  • Promotion tab allows mapping all the promotions through which your enquiry have been generated like India Mart, just dial, etc
  • Campaign tab allows mapping all the campaign of the enquiries like categorizing the leads.
  • Customization allows customizing the tab heading according to your company's flow.
  • Bank setup option allows mapping your bank details that can be enabled while creating the invoice.
  • Email set up options allows creating the email template for your lead, quotation, proforma invoice, sales order, invoice.
  • SMS set up options allows creating the SMS template for your lead, quotation, support ticket, payment reminder and payment collection.
  • Additional charges tab allows creating additional charges that are paid without tax.
  • Taxes tab allows mapping all the tax charges like GST, CGST, etc.

Steps for finding the Settings tab:

1. Click the "Settings" icon which is on the right side top, near Bell icon.

2. In the "Settings" tab options you can be able to find all the setup options.

3. Select the required tab and feed the data and click "save" to view the changes.


NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team