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Proforma Invoice option helps to generate a revised Proforma Invoice.

Proforma Invoice is used to tell the customer how your invoice is going to be. This will give them a clear picture of your terms and conditions, price details, discount details etc.

Catalystk CRM 2.0 now allows creating a revised proforma invoice, by just selecting the revised option in the proforma invoice tab. When a proforma invoice is negotiated then the new price details have to be sent to the customer. So we need to revise the old proforma invoice so it generates a new proforma invoice number for future reference and you can change the price details according to your negotiation.

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Revised proforma invoice benefits:

  1. Gives a new proforma invoice number for future reference
  2. Revise the proforma invoice according to new negotiation
  3. Send a copy of updated negotiation details to the customer through the mail so you can avoid miscommunication.
  4. Revise a proforma invoice by just one click, which thereby saves time.

Revised proforma invoice generation steps:

1. Click the side menu option of "Home" and then click the "Sales" tab, and then click the "Proforma Invoice" tab.

2. In the "Proforma Invoice" tab options, In an existing proforma invoice, click the "Expand" option.

3. Below the "Save" option, click the "Revise" option to revise your existing proforma invoice.

4. After revising the proforma invoice, Click "Save" to view your revised proforma invoice.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.