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Catalystk CRM allows generating an invoice with or without inventory.

Sometimes your clients demand an immediate invoice for the products they are going to buy from you. In that scenario, if there is sufficient stock of the product, it is easy to generate an invoice. But if there is no stock availability of that product then generating an invoice in a Software is not possible. In Catalystk CRM you can be able to generate an invoice without stock availability of products. Depends upon a company's flow this option can be enabled or disabled.

Benefits of invoice with or without inventory:

1. Generating an invoice with stock ensures that the company has enough stock of products to satisfy customer needs.
2. The generation of invoices without stock, allows you to purchase the required product as a priority which leads to customer satisfaction and ultimately increases the income and profit of a company.
3. This unique option of generating an invoice without stock in Catalystk CRM, increases the sales of a company, even if there is no inventory product and also during fluctuations and demand for a particular product.


Steps of Generating an invoice without inventory:

1. Click side menu options, then click the "setup" tab, select the field of "Invoice Inventory Disable" and select "True" Click "Save" to generate an invoice without inventory.

2. Click the "setup" tab, select the field of "Invoice Inventory Disable" and select "False" Click "Save" to maintain inventory.

3. "Log out" and "Log in" to view the changes.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.