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Editable Invoice template is available in Catalystk CRM Software (Invoice Editor).

In general, when we generate an invoice we make many mistakes in entering a wrong product name, quantity numbers, price values, etc. This makes it difficult to change the wrong entries immediately. Catalystk CRM now provides options to edit the invoice that has been generated wrongly by mistake. This option can be enabled according to the company's flow. If it is necessary it can be enabled or if it is not necessary it can be disabled.

Benefits of editable invoice template (Invoice Editor):

1. It enables us to create an invoice even faster than before.
2. It enables to change the invoice immediately if mistakes entries are done, which saves time.
3. It enables to regenerated and also edited an invoice n number of times, thereby becomes user-friendly.


Steps for enabling editable invoice template in Catalystk(Invoice Editor):

1. Click the "Set Up" tab, select the field of "Invoice Editable" and select "True" Click "Save"

2.  Click the Access_controls" tab, select the "User" and select the "Invoice Editable" enable for the user and click "Save".

3. "Log out" and "Log in" to view the changes.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.