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Invoice copy provides duplicate invoice, triplicate invoice.

An invoice once generated and saved can be printed as Tax Invoice, Duplicate copy, Triplicate copy, and Quadruplicate copy. These copies of the invoice are used for the transportation purpose, customer copy, supplier copy, etc.


Benefits of invoice copy with duplicate invoice and triplicate invoice:

1. Catalystk helps to take copies of the invoice, just by selecting the required option, like a duplicate copy, triplicate copy, etc.
2. Print an invoice copy in just one click, which thereby saves time.

Steps for Printing Invoice Copy, duplicate invoice and triplicate invoice:

1. Click the side menu option of "Home" and then click the "Sales" tab, then click the "Invoice" tab.

2. In the "Invoice" tab options, In a saved invoice click the "Expand" option.

3. Below the "Save" option, click the "Duplicate" option, "Triplicate" option, "Quadruplicate" option to print the required invoice copy.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.