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Catalystk CRM helps to identify the failed quotation, among the n number of quotations generated by a company.


The quotation is an approximate price given by a trader to estimate the value of a proposed trade. It can be negotiated by the interest of customers who are willing to trade with a company. A trader will always raise a quotation that can be negotiated to avoid his quotation to be a failed one.


How to avoid and identify a failed/cancelled Quotation?

1. The quotation is used to let a potential customer know the price of a product before they purchase them. In catalystk, When a quotation is converted into a sales order, then a quotation is passed, which helps the trader to identify the failed ones.

2. When a seller sends a quotation, it commits them to a certain price, which is mostly used when the costs are relatively stable and this approximate price, will be necessary for a trader who buys on margin.

3. To avoid a failed quotation, Price should be comparatively low from other traders, a trader's approach should be unique and incomparable so that he succeeds in all his business efforts, trading knowledge should be well versed so that the failed quotation is minimized.


Steps to Identify:

  • Click the "Reports" tab, then click the "Sales Reports" Tab and then click the "Quotation" tab. Click the "Failed Proposals" tab, and select the time duration.
  • Click the "Create Report" to view the "failed quotation" list and "Download" the same in an excel format.



NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.