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Field sales management software or field sales automation helps to improve the sales

Catalystk provides free Field sales management software or field sales automation as a part of the entire suite. It's named as sales visits in Catalystk.

Sales Visit is an in-person meeting or demo or sales negotiation or payment collection with the client, that is given by the salesperson in order to promote a company's product for sale. This sales visit is usually fixed as an appointment, prior to the company through a sale call. Catalystk CRM serves as a field management software that allows mapping all the activities of a sales visit that improves and promotes sales.

Catalystk is fully free with all options. Click the link to get a free registration

Field sales management software or field sales automation benefits:

  1. Catalystk has a separate field for sales visit mapping, in which all sales visit activities can be mapped and followed.
  2. It allows to assign a particular sales visit to a particular salesperson.
  3. After assigning, the salesperson starts following the client by the direct visit and also feed details like client requirement, the conversation he had with the client.
  4. It is maintained as a sales visit record of the client by the company.

Field sales management software or field sales automation generation steps:

1. Click the side menu option of "Home" and then click the "Sales" tab.

2. In the "Sales" tab options, In an existing Quotation, click the "Expand" option.

3. Now feed all the details of the sales visit in the "Create New Sales visit" field.

4. Enter "Client" details to visit and specify "Purpose of visit".

5. Click "save"

It can also be created in mobile app. Kindly download catalystk mobile app from Google Play store. 
1. Click side menu
2. Select "Sales Visits"
3. Enter "client" details and "Purpose of visit"
4. Click "Save"
NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.