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Catalystk 2.0 new features

Below mentioned are the catalystk 2.0 new features,

  1. New UI
  2. Quotation revise option
  3. Proforma invoice revise option
  4. Invoice Duplicate
  5. Invoice Triplicate
  6. Invoice Quadruplicate
  7. Artificial Intelligence system to tell missed business opportunities.
  8. Notification
  9. List view for Deals
  10. List view for Quotation
  11. List view for proforma invoice
  12. List view for Sales Order
  13. List view for DC
  14. List view for Invoice
  15. Follow us on twitter, facebook, Linkedin and Youtube
  16. List view for Purchase request
  17. List view for Purchase Order, GRN, Purchase Invoice
  18. All setting in one place (Settings Menu)
  19. One time setup in one place ( Setup Menu)
  20. Multiple Invoice Terms and Conditions
  21. List view for Support
  22. Office communicator (chat)
  23. ICICI Bank Integration
  24. Free zero balance current account for Catalystk Users in ICICI. (ICICI conditions apply*)
  25. Payment collection through ICICI Bank

Note: Since its a major release, we are releasing Catalystk 2.0 in 2 phases. Phase I has been released on August 5th. Some of the options will be released in the next phase(September 2nd 2019).

Catalystk 2.0 new feature benefits

It will benefit all less-educated employees, Anyone can use the system as a social network website. 

Catalystk 2.0 new feature improves your sales.

It improves sales for traders and manufacturers