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The big Indian Sale

Big Indian Sale.

A huge discounted software sale for Indian customers is offered between 11th Jan 2020 to 15th Jan 2020.

Big Indian Sale offer price list will be available at midnight of 10th Jan 2020.

Flat 55% offer is provided for all 4 years subscription.

What is Big Indian Sale?

Every year Catalystk software will be offered to all the customers at a very very competitive price which you can never imagine. This will enable customers to purchase the product at the best price and improve their business.

You can buy the product at one-year pricing but 4 years license.

Why Big Indian Sale?

Catalystk is the most cost-effective product with a lot of features for business growth. In spite of all cost benefits, there are few customers who might still feel it's not affordable so we introduced Big Indian Sale through which corporate concepts will become very affordable for all Indian MSME companies.

No pricing in the market is better than this offer.