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Automatically add BCC to all emails

Many times we might miss sending cc or bcc about an email. This makes us difficult to follow up emails or keep a record. Catalystk provides options to automatically add bcc to all emails send from Catalystk CRM software. We need to specify bcc email in the setup, branches tab to email this feature. If we don't specify the email id in the corresponding box then the automatic bcc email option will be automatically disabled.

Benefits of adding automatic bcc to all emails

1. Record all emails sent from the CRM software
2. Verify the emails whenever it's required from the backup.
3. Follow all the emails sent by your sales team. 


Steps for adding automatic bcc to all emails

1. Click the "Setup" tab in the side menu options, select the "Branches" tab for entering "Sales Bcc Email", "Purchase Bcc Email", "Support Bcc Email".

2. Now enter the email id in the specified field and click "Save".

3. "Log out" and "Log in" to view the changes.

NOTE: For any clarifications Kindly contact the support team.